Marble features

Grey Billiemi

The Billiemi marble is extracted from the quarries of the mountains of Palermo, in single large and huge monoliths.

The “Billiemi stone” or Grigio Billiemi or Billiemi is a very hard, compact, waterproof stone with an excellent non-freezing coefficient.

The Grey Billiemi is more properly a calcareous breccia consisting of angular clasts of coarse size immersed in a fine matrix that can show variable color.

These clasts date back to about 200 million years ago.

Its textural characteristics, the presence of fossils, the differently colored matrices and the veins determine considerable variations in the appearance of grey Billiemi, even in the same slab.


The oxidation processes of pyrite, which is the responsible process for the dark color, have led to the formation of hydroxides and iron oxides, which characterize the thin component of the rock, introducing even yellow and red colors into the gray.

This very compact material has a low water absorption rate, is highly resistant to atmospheric agents and therefore perfect for outdoor use. It is a very versatile material and suitable for all types of processing.

For its features, the Billiemi stone is widely requested in Northern European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland and England, but also in Arab countries and the United States.

Product information

Commercial name : Grey Billiemi
Type of Material : Calcareous breccia
Extraction Area : Palermo
Use : Paving and/or internal and external coatings
Finishes : Polishing, honing, Bush-hammering
Density : 2,70 gr/cm³