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  • Machine cut

    Machine cut

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  • Mosaic


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  • Pickaxing


    Home Finishes Pickaxing This manual procedure creates an almost “broken” marble effect as a stone ruined by time, naturally irregular, for outdoor use. Prev

  • Hammering


    Home Finishes Hammering Hammering is a manual procedure that serves to create a dotted effect, chipping the surface. The effect obtained is that of an irregular surface, to the eye and to the touch. Prev

  • Antiquing


    Home Finishes Antiquing The slab is previously smoothed, then sandblasted, and finally cleaned with acids, in order to complete the processing. The surface appears rough and antiqued with an intense color. Prev

  • Brushing


    Home Finishes Brushing In order to carry out the brushing, the material must be previously smoothed and then subjected to rubbing with different abrasive brushes, until the desired degree of wear is obtained even on the edges. The result will be similar to a surface worn by time and foot traffic. Prev Next

  • Bush hammering

    Bush hammering

    Home Finishes Bush hammering During this particular process, the Billiemi slabs are subjected to special treatments by the use of a particular equipment defined as bush hammer. This tool makes the surface rough. It is a process suitable for exteriors and for some rather particular internal walls. Prev Next

  • Honing


    Home Finishes Honing The honing finish is achieved with the same process that is used with polishing but stopping the process before the surface is perfectly polished, leaving it equally smooth. Prev Next

  • Polishing


    Home Finishes Polishing The polishing process consists in smoothing the surface with coarse-grained abrasives and then moving on to an increasingly fine grain, thus closing all the porosities of the material until it becomes reflective. This process is very suitable for an internal use of the Billiemi marble, as in the exterior with the years…