Grey Billiemi for swimming pool

There are many technical reasons to choose to build a swimming pool in Billiemi. The Billiemi Stone is resistant to water and chlorine, it guarantees waterproofing and durability, and has excellent sealing and resistance to external atmospheric agents.

The low absorption of Billiemi, the resistance to chlorine and humidity makes the Grey Billiemi perfect for outdoors. However, it is mainly an aesthetic question that can lead people to choose a swimming pool in Billiemi. That is certainly not a new thing: let us think about the ancient basins, or the large fountains that adorn the city of Palermo.

The class and elegance that distinguishes a swimming pool in Billiemi marble is something unique. Whether it is a large villa in the countryside or a seaside residence, the sharp cut between the green of the lawn and the warm grey of Billiemi with the blue of the water in the pool offers, even at a first fleeting glance, a reason to “relax”.

Among the finishing techniques often adopted for the pool edge in Billiemi, the sandblasting and brushing ones are the most used. These techniques makes Billiemi pleasant to the touch and perfectly non-slip even in the presence of some puddles of water on the edge of the pool. This natural stone, the precious Billiemi, offers great resistance to water and makes it extremely versatile.

Do not forget that it is possible to create small mosaics in Billiemi marble, both in the center of the pool, in the pool floor, or around the pool edge.

The swimming pool cladding in dark but warm marble, such as the Grey Billiemi marble, will tend to dampen the classic blue visual effect of the water, obtaining a color tending to deep dark blue, grey or black, of an unusual beauty.